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09/09/2008 (19:00 h)


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Memoirs of the Philippines

book launch

Instituto Cervantes in Manila and Cacho Publishing House present Memoirs of the Philippines by Félix Laureano. Published in 1895, Laureano´s work provides us with scenes of daily life, landscapes and peoples, mostly from the region of Panay. He penned essays to accompany each photograph, lavishing details that, until today, draw the viewer´s gaze to that other time and place. Published by Cacho Publishing House with a grant from the Spanish Program for Cultural Cooperation of Spain´s Ministry of Culture, this volume was translated and edited by Felice Noelle Rodriguez, with Renan Prado assisting with the translation, and Ramon C. Sunico with editing the English text.


Title: Recuerdos de Filipinas
Author: Felix Laureano
Publisher: Cacho Publishing House
Translator: Felice Noelle Rodriguez y Renan Prado


Felice Noelle Rodriguez

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