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Miguel Hernández Library

Miguel Hernández Library

The Instituto Cervantes library in Manila was first opened in 1993 with books provided by the Instituto Cervantes main headquarters and collections from the former Cultural Center of the Embassy of Spain in Manila. It is conceived as a resource centre capable of offering an extensive collection of documents, literature and audio-visual, focusing on the language and culture of Spain and Spanish-speaking countries. At present the library has more than 20,000 documents. A strategic counterpart of the academic area, its collections and services are aimed to provide the Filipino student, researcher or citizen with documents, information or data pertaining to the Hispanic world. Consultations are welcome at our premises or via e-mail and telephone.

The library has an extensive collection of Spanish and Latin American literature, a large number of films and references on the most important works of Spain.  Here you may listen to an extensive collection of music and the radio as well as watch Spanish television.

855 T.M. Kalaw Street
1000 Ermita, Manila
Philippines (Click for map)

Tel: (632) 5261482
Fax: (632) 5261449

Library Hours:
      Mondays to Fridays:
      9:00am - 6:00pm
      9:00am - 4:00pm
      Sundays: Closed


Carlos Valmaseda Blanco (Chief Librarian)

Email: bibmni@cervantes.es

Administrative Assistant

Email: bibxmni@cervantes.es



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